Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ariana Grande’s Extensions Talk of Grammys

Singer, actress Ariana Grande nearly suffered a “freak out” at the Grammy Awards when a nasty blogger posted mean comments about her dress and “same-old, same-old” hairstyle. Fans and friends of the 20-year-old star rushed to her defense, making Ariana’s long, lush locks the unintended talk of the Grammys! What most fans didn’t realize is that Ariana’s thick waves are not her real hair but extensions just like those sold on!

A few days after the Grammys, the Huffington Post reported that Ariana shared her secret. On Instagram the star told fans she wears extensions all the time and keeps her hair styled in a half-up ponytail because her “actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd.” (Click the Huff Post link to see Ariana’s chic Grammy look.)

After four years of constantly dying her hair red for her Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat, Ariana said her natural brown tresses became horribly brittle and damaged. The beautiful, long, thick extensions she now favors have proven to be the perfect solution, allowing her to always look picture perfect as she waits for her damaged hair to grow out.

You can copy Ariana’s gorgeous Grammy look with the 23-inch Wrap around Ponytail extension by Raquel Welch. Available in 11 rich colors, this pony wrap adds length and fullness to your own ponytail in seconds. Light and comfy, the pony wrap is just one of the exciting hair extensions available on Popular among celebrities who have to look paparazzi-ready every day, WigSalon quality hair extensions are available in a wide assortment of lengths, colors and fiber type from 100% human hair extensions to Tru2Life synthetic extensions.

If you hair needs a boost of glamour or volume, check out our selection of top-quality hair extensions today on!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wendy Williams: Look Fabulous Effortlessly with Wigs

“There is a ton of pressure on women to do it all while looking fabulous,” talk show host and author Wendy Williams wrote on Room for Debate, the New York Times online opinion forum. A dedicated wig wearer with an extensive collection of wigs, Wendy opened up about her own beauty preferences and why she relies on wigs to look fabulous effortlessly. It’s a beauty secret shared by many customers.

Wendy started wearing wigs 15 years ago after being diagnosed with thyroid disease. “I’ve been wearing wigs of all shapes and sizes for health reasons,” Wendy revealed; “and I love them.” She has wigs of all shapes and lengths in her wig wardrobe, allowing her to instantly choose the perfect hair style for any outfit or event. That ability to look fabulous without effort makes wigs an excellent choice for busy women, whether they’re business executives or soccer moms.

“There’s never been a better time for the hair conversation to take place, because so many women these days are wearing extensions, weaves and wigs,” said Wendy who is on a mission to change people’s attitudes about wearing wigs. She said some people still have antiquated ideas about women who wear wigs. They may think that only older women wear wigs or that women only wear wigs to hide a bald head or thinning hair. Or they may believe that women who wear wigs are trying to be someone else. To this, Wendy says, “So what?” and “It’s just not true. “Women wear wigs because they’re fun, they let you avoid frying your own hair, and they look great.” customers agree! Revlon’s 2014 wig collection is now available. Visit our website to check out the new styles today! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Popular Halloween Wigs for 2013

Everyone knows that you can have a great costume idea, however, without the right accessories; you won't have the desired effect. Wigs can make a unique costume even better, which is why this time of year is so exciting for us here at WigSalon. We have an incredible selection of wigs for any Halloween costume you can imagine. For example, Lady Gaga has long been a favorite, and her fans are tried-and-true Monsters, as she likes to call them. Our Lady Gaga wigs are the perfect choice for creating a Lady Gaga costume that will surely grab the attention of everyone you meet at your big Halloween party.

According to
Chris March, who is well-known for his inventive wigs, every great costume starts with the wig. His focus has been on wigs that are light-weight and comfortable, which makes them perfect for any Halloween party or even trick-or-treating with the kids. March has worked with stars such as Beyoncé and Madonna, and he stands behind his wig promotion, stating that they "...give you confidence and make you feel powerful."

A quick peek at our Halloween collection will show you just how much variety we have when it comes to finding the perfect wig. Whether you're planning on hosting a Halloween party at your home, or you just want to do something special to entertain your kids this Halloween, you'll find the perfect wig for you. Don't let another year go by without wearing that great costume you've always wanted to wear. Check out are exclusive collection of costume wigs today!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hottest Wigs & Adult Halloween Costumes for 2013

Popular Wigs for Halloween : Party Wigs, Gatsby Flappers and Fantasy Wigs

wigs for halloween and costume parties

Halloween is creeping up fast. Have you thought about your costume? If not, it’s time to add “order costume” to your to-do list before this year’s best costumes and Halloween wigs are snapped up. Choosing the right wig can make the difference between a ho-hum costume and a head-turner.

Rocking a great Halloween costume is about losing yourself in the character. Hair is as important as makeup and clothing in creating a believable alter ego. The right costume wig from will add authenticity to your costume, allowing you to embrace your new persona with panache.

Fantasy World

Halloween is one of the few opportunities adults have to indulge their fantasies, if only for an evening. Who do you want to be? A haughty queen, ruthless Viking king, super hero, flesh-eating zombie or a dangerous gangster? Hit movies and popular television shows typically inspire the year’s most popular adult Halloween costumes.

This Year’s Top Costumes

This year the popularity of Game of Thrones on HBO and Starz’ The White Queen has created demand for medieval royalty costumes. Our fascination with A&E’s Duck Dynasty is expected to cause a run on long, full face beards.

The Great Gatsby and Boardwalk Empire have renewed interest in flapper and gangster costumes. New films in the super hero and Star Trek franchises continue to drive demand for these perennial perennial costume & party wig favorites. And for traditionalists, Zombies, given a boost by World War Z, are expected to push vampires out of the spotlight this year.

Whatever you decide to be this Halloween, you’ll find the perfect costume wigs at

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Raquel Welch New Fall Collection for our VIP clients

Six New Raquel Welch Wigs

WigSalon is excited to introduce six beautiful new wig styles from Raquel Welch! The Fall 2013 Signature Hair Collection includes five fabulous wigs and a wonderful new hairpiece. All have ready-to-wear lace fronts, which gives you natural-looking hairlines and the freedom to style your hair off the face.

Click on the banner above, or the link below to view the new styles. They are all very special and worth your inspection. And always remember to type VIP in the COMMENTS BOX for VIP pricing from WigSalon.
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Raquel Welch Fall 2013 Signature Hair Collection


Wigs Inspired by Flappers of The Great Gatsby

1920's glam has never looked so fabulous, with the quick release of The Great Gatsby on Blu Ray and DVD on August 27, many of us movie and fashion lovers are escaping our mundane, busy lives by indulging in this fabulous period piece. So why not fully escape into the world of Gatsby's and pamper ourselves with new wigs to recreate one of the fun and unique looks of the women in The Great Gatsby.  Whether your an early bird who's planning her costume for Halloween, a bold fashionista who isn't afraid to show her 1920's alter-ego, or simply a mom who enjoys playing dress-up with her girls, has the perfect wigs for you that will transform you into a 1920's beauty queen at very affordable prices.

If you're going for a natural beauty, sassy, and feminine look, then look no further because Daisy, the femme fetale of The Great Gatsby has got it all.  Asymmetric by LUXHAIR in Vanilla Lush (the wig featured above) perfectly captures the delicacy, and the decadency of Daisy's look with its lightly textured side swept bangs and clean tapered neckline. Get more of Daisy's styles by simply restyling the this Heat-friendly wig!

Asymmetric by LUXHAIR in Vanilla Lush (the wig featured above) perfectly captures the delicacy, and the decadency of Daisy's look

Lauren by Revlon in Coco Cream
For a sweet-heart effect, and an everyday style try Lauren in Coco Cream or any color of your preference

Flash in Aqua Blue by Revlon Wigs
To add a little "costumey" effect to this sassy hair style, try Flash in Aqua Blue, or 50's Pink
Relibious, edgy, and sleek are three adjectives that come to mind when pondering Jordan Baker famous Flapper style. The self-assured aura of Ms. Baker can perfectly be captured with Perfection by Gabor Wigs in Black Coffee , a classic short bob with all-over-expertly tapered layering. Perfection adds confidence and independence to any look and you're guaranteed to be the talk pf the party. 

Perfection by Gabor Wigs
Ms. Baker can perfectly be captured with Perfection by Gabor in Black Coffee
Textured Pixie by LuxHair
Modernize Jordan's edgy style and try Pixie in Black Brown;  a pixie wig that feautures soft layers, razored edges, and lightly textured bangs.
Bliss by Risque Wigs
For an added shock effect, go for Bliss by Risque Wigs, a short layered bob with a full fringe in fun colors Purple or Deep Red. 

Don't forget to enjoy yourself and have fun!  -

Monday, August 26, 2013

Wolverine Expected to Spark Halloween Demand for Face Wigs

As The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman’s facial hair and ripped body may not provoke a return to the impressive sideburns and imposing mustaches of yesteryear; but his hirsute appearance in Hollywood’s latest take on the conflicted Marvel Comics superhero is expected to spark Halloween demand for Wolverine Wigs &
Wig Salons , Costume Beard, Mustache and Goatee Collection.

Compared to women, men’s hair styles don’t offer as many options for personal statement; but facial hair is another story. Beard and mustache style and length have changed styles nearly as often as women’s hemlines. On its blog The GQ Eye, the men’s style magazine recently posted photos from a 1968 article on face wigs.

Sideburns and Leisure Suits

Artificial sideburns, mustaches and beards are largely costume items these days; but back in the swinging days of the late 1960s and early ‘70s elaborate sideburns and face-chewing ‘staches were quite popular with the leisure suit crowd. As GQ notes, when less enlightened employers failed to appreciate hairy-faced employees, groovy men turned to face wigs to indulge their personal style on the weekends.

Styles change. While male facial hair is still popular, sideburn lengths have receded over the years and neatly trimmed goatees, mustaches and beards are the current fashion standard. Today at Wig Salon, sales of mustaches and beards are most likely to be for theatrical or costume purposes; but you never know. When correctly applied, typically with special lightweight glue called spirit gum, facial hair looks like you grew it yourself! Only your barber can tell the difference.

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