Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Light-weight Wigs for Summer

Stay Cool & Comfy This Summer with the World's Lightest Weight Wigs

The simplest way to stay cool when you are wearing wigs, is to select wigs that are light-weight to begin with. This special WigSalon page shows the lightest wigs that are also proven winning styles.You will look and feel cool with these carefully chosen light-weight styles. Have fun shopping, and keep in touch! WigSalon is the #1 online source for light-weight wigs at guaranteed lowest prices.


Monofilament wigs are specially designed for those who have lost substantial hair and/or have sensitive scalps.
These mono wigs are particularly light-weight, and are great picks for summer wear.

Eva Gabor New Styles for Summer 2011

The first 5 wigs on this page are now having their world premiere at WigSalon: Discretion, Symmetry, Upper Cut, High Society and Flutter. Upper Cut and Discretion are the salon favorites so far. These all feature Gabor's New Luminous Colors. Instead of being tipped lighter, these colors are naturally blended the way Raquel Welch's shades are. Eva Gabor and Raquel are sister companies and natural color is their strong suit. To learn about Gabor's Luminous Colors with jumbo swatches, click here.

Eva Gabor's Plus Color Series are specially designed for vibrant mature women. The Plus Color Concept is to lighten the hair at the bangs and have it remain darker at base of the neck. This is how natural hair appears, adding realism to these perfected styles that are light-as-a-feather and so comfortable for daily wear. Eva Gabor wigs have been around since the '60's - and keep getting better. Free Shipping and VIP pricing on all Eva Gabor styles.