Friday, June 28, 2013

Who Do You Want to Be Today? Express Your Personality with Wigs

Of the many features that shape our appearance, hair plays a starring role. The cut, style and color of your hair can make you look older or younger, sophisticated or naïve, fun or frumpy. Use your hair to express your personality or, like Lady Gaga, create a completely new persona.

Throughout history hair has been used to proclaim who we are to the world. In 17th century England, lords and ladies wore towering wigs to demonstrate their importance; hence the term “bigwig.” During the Roaring ‘20s, flappers defied the stodgy establishment by bobbing their hair. In the ‘60s men grew their locks long in similar rebellion against society. Our hair has always been as much about who we are as how we look.

“We make choices every day about the kind of person we want to be,” Yale University psychologist Dr. Marianne LaFrance told YouBeauty. “Are we putting out there what we want people to see? The choices we make about how we look say something about our social identities.”

With top designer wigs like the Raquel Welch Signature Collection [, lets you change identifies as often as Lady Gaga changes outfits! Decide who you want to be and show people what you want them to see.

With the tremendous variety of wig lengths, styles and colors on you can be anyone you want to be.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 Presents the Best Wigs for 4th of July - Fun & Party Wigs

Ready for Independence Day?

The 4th of July usually marks barbeques, meeting up with family or friends, parties, and of course celebrating our independence.  Each year we see more creative 4th of july looks, costumes and themed parties.  The trend to dress up in American colors is very big , therefore we have added more party and fun wigs to our collection.  Complete your look with any one of our party wigs.  Most of them are available in bright Reds, White, or Blue and we even have a few like the Punky American Wig below.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Taylor Swift & Daisy Fuentes Celebrity Wig Match Up

If you love the romantic look of bangs & wavy tresses combo from Country Singer Taylor Swift, you will love the Temptress by Daisy Fuentes.  The Temptress wig features Heat Friendly synthetic fiber for a more versalile wavy look (or not).  More or less curls - you control it!  Its high quality fibers holds very well during hot and humid months making it a WigSalon top pick for the summer.

This soft, feminine and romantic look will frame any face shape into a celebrity look-alike hair do. Offered in a great variety of colors, you will not want to miss it.  See more celebrity summer hairstyles and matching wig styles on our look book.

Taylor Swift at the Music Awards - Side by side comparison to Daisy Fuentes in the Tempress Wig by LUXHAIR

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Celebrity Wig Match Up - Anne Hathaway

Ever want to look like Anne Hathaway at the Academy Awards?

Even with the super short length, Anne Hathaway looks soft and feminine in this cropped, wispy haircut. Want to try this hair style without the commitment of cutting your hair short and having to style it every day?  New and a perfect for this celebrity look is Jane from Jon Renau  .  

This is a 100% Remy Human Hair wig that comes with a monofilament cap that is hand-tied to create a comfortable, lightweight wig that looks natural and can easily be restyled.  Jon Renau finished this piece by using a lace-front which mimics the appearance of a natural hairline, giving you more options and allowing for off the face styling.  ~Expert Wig Advise by Michael from

The Best Wigs of 2013!!

 The Best Wigs of 2013 are here! With over 100 winning styles selected by our clients, you'll be sure to find a well-made wig that works for you. At WigSalon , we know that finding you the right wig is more important than showing you a lot of wrong wigs. The simplicity of seeing the world's best wigs all on a few pages is very educational.

It's another way WigSalon makes wig shopping easier and smarter. And you'll save even more with your VIP discount.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Bad Hair Days with Wigs

If a bad hair day gives you an all-day case of the grumps, you are not alone. A Tresemmé survey reported on found that one in four women would rather hide in their homes than go out on a bad hair day. Fortunately, a great hair day can put a smile on your face and send your spirits soaring.

Science has begun verifying what we’ve learned from experience: How we look affects how we feel about ourselves. Because it frames the face, hair is a major factor in our assessment of our appearance. In a Yale study, self-esteem plummeted when participants recalled a bad hair day. Bad hair memories “increased social insecurity and self-criticism and lowered performance self-esteem, hurting subjects’ can-do attitude toward personal accomplishments,” Mary Rose Almasi wrote in The Psychology of Hair. On the other hand, women participating in a Harvard study experienced a drop in blood pressure signaling decreased stress after a good haircut or coloring.

Good hair has a positive effect on the psyche. Appearance and self-esteem are entwined. When you look good, you feel good about yourself and that little boost of self-esteem gives you greater confidence in your abilities both at work and in the social arena. All kinds of good things can happen when your self-confidence is riding high -- and it all starts with how your hair looks in the morning!

When you wear wigs from every day can be a good hair day. Don’t leave the house in a funk when your locks go awry; pop on a wig, smile and take charge of your day!