Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Most Requested Celebrity Look Alike Wigs Available at WigSalon.com

Style without commitment – that’s what we love about wigs. Love Nicole Richie’s blousy bob or wish you had the courage to chop off your long locks and style Michelle William’s cute pixie cut? You can with beautifully pre-styled and styleable wigs from WigSalon.com. With wigs you can enjoy the fun, flirty hair of your favorite celebrities without committing yourself to a hairdresser’s scissors. Yes, at WigSalon.com you can have your cake and eat it too!

It’s too early to know which celebrity hairstyles will strike a chord with American women this year, but last year’s most-requested celebrity hairstyles inspired some beautiful wigs from the world’s premier wig makers. According to Allure, Nicole and Michelle’s tresses were among the Most-Requested CelebrityHairstyles of 2012  (click the link to watch the slide show).

Below we’ve partnered popular celebrity cuts with Wig Salon look-alikes:
  • Michelle William’s cute pixie is cut short at the neckline to elongate the neck. Long layers on top allow hair to be tousled for a sexy bedroom look or punked up. Symmetry by Eva Gabor Wigs  is an easy-care boy cut with soft feminine feathering around the face.
  • Nicole Richie’s blousy bob frames the face with soft layers that stop just below the jaw line. Samantha by Rene of Paris captures the soft side-swept bangs and face-framing page style of Nicole’s cut.
  • Adriana Lima’s luxuriant tresses cascade over the shoulders and down the back in long sexy waves. Angelica by Norko Wigs creates long, soft layers around the face for the ultimate come-hither look.
Channel your favorite celebrities with wigs from WigSalon.com.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Get Emma Stone's MTV look!

Emily Jean "Emma" Stone  is an American actress who starred in some of the blockbuster movies in Hollywood, "The House Bunny", "Friends with Benefits", "Zombieland", "The Amazing Spider-Man", to name a few. Emma has become an icon on the red carpet as well that most women would love to have the same look as her.

WigSalon will guide you to recreate Emma Stone's MTV look!

Emma Stone’s messy chignon will most likely be the look of the 2013 prom season. We love it because it’s up, it’s delicate and it’s easy! You can achieve this look on your very own thanks to the LUXHAIR™ WOW™ by Daisy Fuentes Tousled Twist.  

Want to get the look?

1.) Curl 1-inch sections of hair with either a flat iron or curling iron
2.) Pull the hair back in a ponytail
3.) Place the Tousled Twist on the back of the ponytail. Using the end of a tail comb, slightly pull out random pieces of curled hair to create a dramatic look
4.) Spray with a firm hold hairspray


Friday, May 10, 2013

Nicki Minaj Uses Wigs to Make Each Day Fresh and Exciting

When 18-year-old Angie Miller dominated the top four on American Idol, feisty judge Nicki Minaj told her, "You came out tonight to snatch some wigs off some heads, honeychild. Tonight was your night."

Nicki knows a few things about wigs. On American Idol, the top-selling hip-hop artist’s hairstyle and color seem to change as often as her mercurial moods. From sexy flaxen blonde (Amber by Wig Pro) to seductive brunette (Human Hair Platinum 108) to piled-up queen bee [Shawn by Motown] to tousled pink-streaked sass-mouth (Long Edna), Nicki uses her wigs to showcase different aspects of her personality, keeping every day fresh and exciting. (Click here to see some of Nicki’s signaturelooks.)

Each of Nicki’s personas is all Nicki but with a special twist. Until you see her hair, you don’t know which Nicki will be sitting in the judge’s chair that night. Will it be in-charge Nicki or flirty Nicki or feisty Nicki? Her wig is your only clue – at least until she opens her mouth!

A wigged chameleon, Nicki gets to live her fantasy life and reinvent herself every day just by putting on a different wig. It will be interesting to see whether her wig collection shows up in Nick Cassavetes’ new movie The Other Woman starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton. Nicki just joined the cast in a supporting role. We’ll have to wait until Christmas or next spring to find out though as the film doesn’t start shooting until next month.
Until then, who do you want to be today? Live your fantasy on WigSalon.com.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jon Renau and WigSalon.com Launch Six New Lace-Front Wig Styles

Naomi wig by Jon Renau
The New Jon Renau Wig Collection has something for everyone!

The new Renau Spring 2013 Wig Collection has something for every woman: full lace front wigs and monofilament cap construction, all made with a new heat friendly synthetic fiber. 

Jon Renau is a world renown wig maker. Originally from South Africa, his firm is now located just outside on San Diego, California. Wig shops have known about the six new wig styles for about a month, but have been forbidden to show pictures of them or sell them until today.

“In a world where people constantly try to knock off fashion, it was smart for Renau to keep his new styles a secret until they were ready to ship out on May 1,” says Joseph Aronesty, president of WigSalon.com, one of the world’s first e-commerce sites and home of thousands of top quality wigs for women everywhere. “The New Collection has something for everyone. From the short Kristen style which we sell for just over $100, to the long Courtney, each one is a true masterpiece.”

When women lose hair unexpectedly from a medical procedure, wigs become their best friend for self-confidence, which has been shown to add to overall health as well. This new line of wigs is top of the line for women who have become accustomed to the best that money can buy. They can be seen in Los Angeles at WigSalon’s Outlet Shop on Pico and Westwood or online at:

10867 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Toll Free: 800-262-8437