Friday, July 26, 2013

Wigs Are Kelly Rowland’s Secret to Great Hair

When Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child fame talks about “my girls,” she’s referring to her extensive wig collection. Talking wigs on a recent airing of The Wendy Williams Show, Kelly said, “I have; I don’t know how many. I think I’ve lost count.” Wigs are part of the Grammy winner’s stunning look both on and off the stage. Kelly told Wendy, “I love them. They’re like little hats. I just put them on.” (Click the link to watch the show.)

Kelly wore a fun pony wig on the show. Expect to see more wigs when she judges the X-Factor this fall. Style your favorite lace wig into a ponytail or use hairpieces and extensions to create Kelly’s casual but sophisticated style:

  • Create Kelly’s high ponytail with Pony Fall by Daisy Fuentes. You can wear this stylish convertible hairpiece as a fall or ponytail. Soft and silky, this stylable synthetic hairpiece falls from the crown in beautiful soft waves.
  • The Raquel Welch Pony Wrap Around gives you a luxuriously thick ponytail in seconds. Made of heat-friendly synthetic fibers, this wrap-around pony is easy to blow dry, curl or flat iron.

Many wigs on Wig Salon can also be worn as a ponytail. Our lace front wigs are particularly well-suited to off-the-face hair styles such as ponytails, braids, buns and French twists. Lace front wigs offer the most natural and undetectable hairlines in the wig family. The lace front contours perfectly to the shape of your head, creating seamless beauty without the need for tape or wig adhesive. To view our complete collection of lace front wigs, visit today.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gabor Wigs Basic Collection - New Items for Summer 2013

Eva Gabor's Basics Wig Collection consists of 7 fresh new wig styles. This collection offers everything you would expect from a Gabor Wig - Salon inspired hairstyles, offered in unique colors, comfortable cap construction and now made from Heat Friendly synthetic fiber. Wigs of the new collection have affordable prices so you can supplement your wardrobe with different looks for different outfits or moods.  WigSalon offers all Gabor Wigs , at the lowest prices available along with free shipping and exchanges.

honesty by eva gabor wigs
Honesty by Gabor 
laughter by eva gabor wigs
Laughter by Gabor
passion by eva gabor wigs
Passion by Gabor 
peace by eva gabor wigs
Peace by Gabor 
strength by gabor wigs
Strength by Gabor

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Celebrity Wig Match Up - Queen to be Kate Middleton

In times of expectation of the birth of the next Royal addition, our celebrity look alike wig style this month is inspired by the Queen-to-be Kate Middleton.  Kate has had a such a huge impact upon British fashion that a term arose called the "Kate Middleton Effect".

Who never dreamed about having luscious, wavy, picture perfect healthy long locks?

Well now you can look like royalty too! Gisele by Jon Renau will help you with making your dream reality, featuring gorgeous long layers and SmartLace construction for virtually undetectable hairline combined with a monofilament top for the perfect look, you are sure to love!

Kate Middleton - Celebrity Look Alike Wig
Kate Middleton

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wigs Keep Women’s Hair Loss Blissfully Private

It’s an embarrassing secret that women go to great lengths to hide, but nearly a third of all women experience thinning hair and hair loss; to be painfully blunt, women bald. We’ve all seen older women with wispy locks teased up in an attempt to hide the expanding circle of pink scalp at their crown. Many women experience age-onset thinning, or “miniaturization,” in which the length and diameter of the hair shaft decreases. Hair follicles can also shrink with age as hormone levels change, causing “androgenic alopecia,” baldness. But age isn’t the only cause of thinning hair in women.

Many women lose hair during pregnancy or menopause, a casualty of hormones gone wild. Medications, shock, stress and heredity can also cause hair loss. Hereditary baldness increases the risk of hair loss for both men and women.

The problem is we don’t expect women to bald. Balding is considered a male problem. Hair loss in women is so embarrassing it simply isn’t discussed. In the past, women could hide their thinning locks under cute little hats; but unless you’re a member of the British royal family, that solution went out of fashion decades ago.

You can hide thinning hair by dying your hair lighter to create less contrast between hair and scalp. Or try a perm to give hair more body, creating the illusion of fullness. But knowing your thinning hair is on display can eat away at self esteem. Human hair wigs from offer the perfect solution for thinning hair and female baldness. Regain your self-confidence and know your hair always looks fabulous; shop’s 2013 best-selling wigs today!

Show Your Patriotism with 4th of July Wigs

 America is getting ready to celebrate her annual birthday bash with rousing parades, dramatic historical reenactments, neighborhood picnics, family barbecues and a spectacular booming finale that will light up the nation’s sky!

In many towns Independence Day starts with the sound of sirens blaring a wake-up call as marching bands tune up and floats jockey into position for the parade down Main Street. Waving the stars and stripes above their heads, members of the VFW lead the parade to the beat of fife and drum. On the decorated beds of pickup trucks town leaders in colonial garb portray early American statesmen while school children act out scenes of pioneer life. Local politicians walk along shaking hands and handing out flags. Kids wave and shout to parents and friends from cars packed with local sports teams. At the end of the parade the Apple Blossom queen smiles and waves from a crepe paper-covered throne. The 4th of July is small town America at its best!

Novelty wigs from add realism and fun to your Independence Day float or pageant. We offer a variety of Colonial wigs for men and women, including wigs of important American historic figures like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Our UncleSam Set includes a long white goatee, wig and bushy eyebrows. Add a beard or mustache to your Independence Day costume from our extensive Beard and Mustache collection. Or go mod with our funky, punky red, white and blue fun wig.

When it comes to 4th of July costumes, has you covered!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wigs on Sale - Celebrate Hair Independence during our 4th of July Wig Sale

WigSalon is helping you celebrate Hair Independence with wigs that are light and cool for summer wear. Remember, when you travel in the hot summer, always bring a fresh wig. The heat will do strange things to your natural hair, and the right wig will be a welcome accessory for beautiful evenings. We are here to help you find that wig and get it for less as well!

Click on the banner or the links below - and remember to type VIP in the Comments Box to enjoy Extra Savings during our 4th of July Sale-abrations.

Wigs on Sale for 4th of July