Sunday, April 24, 2011

Follow Wigsalon on Facebook and get $5 off any brand

 WigSalon  wants to see you on facebook. Visit WigSalon's facebook page and click LIKE. Post and link WigSalon to your facebook wall, we will send you $5 by reimbursing the credit card or paypal of your new order. This offer is good with other offers! So, even if you got free shipping or a VIP discount, or if the wig was on clearance - the $5 still gets sent to you. Any wig, any price, any brand - any new order gets the additional $5 with your facebook link.

When you are done, email and tell her you have us on your facebook. Include your real name so she can find you quickly! She will be doing the $5 credits this weekend and next. Offer is good till end of April 2011.

Did you know that you can now access WigSalon on facebook! There are hundreds of unique images of our beautiful wigs there; images you won't find elsewhere. To check out WigSalon at facebook, click on the link on this page's header - or right here. 

Thank you for being a WigSalon client. Enjoy friends and family. We'll be right here when you want or need us.
1750 Ruhland Avenue
Manhattan Beach - CA 90266
1-305-672-3131 FAX: 1-305-574-7722 

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