Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NEW... FALL 2011 Styles from Raquel Welch

WigSalon now has more of the Raquel Welch New Fall 2011 Styles, and these might be the best of the entire collection. The Sparkle style is a simple, practical feminine boycut, with a little more length and versatility than Power or Winner. And the Magic is a blunt cut with feathered layers and a special cap that gives you more styling options. You cant miss with either, and right now WigSalon has the World Internet Premier exclusively for our clients.

All these styles are made with Raquel's patented Vibralite fiber that looks and feels more like natural hair. So while these styles are uncomplicated natural beauties, the product you will get is actually quite superior. Remember to use your VIP code at checkout, to save more every day at WigSalon. As always, if you have a question about any of our wigs, feel free to call us at 1-800-262-8437 or email us at

Three New Raquel Welch Styles - see them first at WigSalon
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SPARKLE New short, face-framing feminine boycut cut includes a smooth front & top that blend into short textured layers throughout the back and sides. And it’s only two and a quarter ounces in weight! Enough length to work with, style keeping it light and cool. Memory Cap. Open ear tabs, so you can wear glasses with this model easily.

Length 1.5 - 4 inches
Weight 2.25 oz.

Head Size: Average

Color shown: 3329 - Auburn Glaze

MAGIC New! Perfectly straight, subtly layered, below-the-shoulder cut is loaded with natural movement by Raquel Welch Fall 2011 Collection. Our low VIP price includes the Sheer Indulgence monofilament crown for a smooth contour, and full bangs that reflect the latest fashion hair trend! Memory Cap for total personal comfort.

Length 3.25 - 13 inches
Weight 4.9 oz.

Head Size: Average

Color shown: 3329 - Auburn Glaze

FINESSE Beautifully crafted, below-the-chin page by Raquel Welch. Sheer Indulgence monofilament crown adds a smooth natural silhouette. The sleek sides gently graduate up to a short collar length nape. Feather cut bangs complete the style.

Length 2.5 - 8.5 inches
Weight 3 oz.

Head Size: Average

Color shown: 2919 - Glazed Strawberry Blend.R29S

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