Friday, November 18, 2011

That's My Favorite Wig!

Thanksgiving is a time for comfort. We surround ourselves with friends, family and comfort foods. WigSalon knows there are even comfort wigs. These are wigs that we have had before and we know we can rely on, like friends and family. So rather than take a chance on new styles during holiday season, why not sport a fresh new wig that you know you will love. If you do, WigSalon will manually deduct an additional $5 off each favorite wig.

Just type in VIP FAVORITE in the Comments Box. That will tell us that this is a wig you have experience with and that it is one of your comfort wigs. We will manually deduct an additional $5 off our already lowest VIP price. Thank You for letting WigSalon be part of your life.

Click HERE, or use the wig Finder to reconnect with your comfort wigs.

Notes: $5 will be manually deducted by next business day. You will get an email with the credit to your card or paypal. A favorite wig, a brand new wig and is one you have had before. WigSalon wants to be helpful. You won't also get the additional $5 if you exchange. If your order consists of some favorite wigs and some styles that are new to you, let us know by sending an email to so you will save the extra $5 on the ones you have had before. Free shipping in the USA still applies to comfort wigs.

From now until Black Friday, save an additional $5 off vip low prices on your favorite wigs. You Choose!

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