Monday, April 1, 2013

New Cancer Treatment May Shelve Chemotherapy Wigs

The loss of hair during chemotherapy is an emotional event for women battling cancer. Whether we wear it short or long, full or cropped, our hair is part of our feminine identity. Its loss during cancer treatment is one more indignity in a list of many that cancer inflicts on the body.

While there is tremendous support for women who are fighting cancer, many women wish to fight their battle in a more private arena, spared the well-meant but prying questions of strangers. Hair loss publicizes a woman’s cancer battle, instantly identifying her as different at a time when she is struggling to live as normal a life as possible. Wigs for chemotherapy bring a sense of normalcy to life, helping to restore beauty and privacy to women with cancer. However, the day may come when chemotherapy wigs can be shelved as archaic artifacts of the cancer wars.

A targeted cancer treatment being developed by Seattle Genetics treats cancer without hair loss. Diagnosed with serious lymphoma, president Joseph Aronesty recently underwent a clinical trial for the new cancer treatment. “You don’t lose hair, you hardly even feel sick from it,” Joseph told Virtual-StrategyMagazine. “It was a remarkable success for me.”

Despite the potential loss of business – Joseph noted, “About 30% of wig sales are for women that lose hair after chemotherapy for various cancers and in particular breast cancer.” – Joseph is hopeful that within 10 years targeted treatment of breast and other cancers may replace chemotherapy. Until then, will continue to supply cancer patients with the highest quality, most comfortable monofilament wigs on the market.

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