Saturday, May 11, 2013

Get Emma Stone's MTV look!

Emily Jean "Emma" Stone  is an American actress who starred in some of the blockbuster movies in Hollywood, "The House Bunny", "Friends with Benefits", "Zombieland", "The Amazing Spider-Man", to name a few. Emma has become an icon on the red carpet as well that most women would love to have the same look as her.

WigSalon will guide you to recreate Emma Stone's MTV look!

Emma Stone’s messy chignon will most likely be the look of the 2013 prom season. We love it because it’s up, it’s delicate and it’s easy! You can achieve this look on your very own thanks to the LUXHAIR™ WOW™ by Daisy Fuentes Tousled Twist.  

Want to get the look?

1.) Curl 1-inch sections of hair with either a flat iron or curling iron
2.) Pull the hair back in a ponytail
3.) Place the Tousled Twist on the back of the ponytail. Using the end of a tail comb, slightly pull out random pieces of curled hair to create a dramatic look
4.) Spray with a firm hold hairspray


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