Monday, June 3, 2013

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Bad Hair Days with Wigs

If a bad hair day gives you an all-day case of the grumps, you are not alone. A Tresemmé survey reported on found that one in four women would rather hide in their homes than go out on a bad hair day. Fortunately, a great hair day can put a smile on your face and send your spirits soaring.

Science has begun verifying what we’ve learned from experience: How we look affects how we feel about ourselves. Because it frames the face, hair is a major factor in our assessment of our appearance. In a Yale study, self-esteem plummeted when participants recalled a bad hair day. Bad hair memories “increased social insecurity and self-criticism and lowered performance self-esteem, hurting subjects’ can-do attitude toward personal accomplishments,” Mary Rose Almasi wrote in The Psychology of Hair. On the other hand, women participating in a Harvard study experienced a drop in blood pressure signaling decreased stress after a good haircut or coloring.

Good hair has a positive effect on the psyche. Appearance and self-esteem are entwined. When you look good, you feel good about yourself and that little boost of self-esteem gives you greater confidence in your abilities both at work and in the social arena. All kinds of good things can happen when your self-confidence is riding high -- and it all starts with how your hair looks in the morning!

When you wear wigs from every day can be a good hair day. Don’t leave the house in a funk when your locks go awry; pop on a wig, smile and take charge of your day!


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