Thursday, July 11, 2013

Show Your Patriotism with 4th of July Wigs

 America is getting ready to celebrate her annual birthday bash with rousing parades, dramatic historical reenactments, neighborhood picnics, family barbecues and a spectacular booming finale that will light up the nation’s sky!

In many towns Independence Day starts with the sound of sirens blaring a wake-up call as marching bands tune up and floats jockey into position for the parade down Main Street. Waving the stars and stripes above their heads, members of the VFW lead the parade to the beat of fife and drum. On the decorated beds of pickup trucks town leaders in colonial garb portray early American statesmen while school children act out scenes of pioneer life. Local politicians walk along shaking hands and handing out flags. Kids wave and shout to parents and friends from cars packed with local sports teams. At the end of the parade the Apple Blossom queen smiles and waves from a crepe paper-covered throne. The 4th of July is small town America at its best!

Novelty wigs from add realism and fun to your Independence Day float or pageant. We offer a variety of Colonial wigs for men and women, including wigs of important American historic figures like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Our UncleSam Set includes a long white goatee, wig and bushy eyebrows. Add a beard or mustache to your Independence Day costume from our extensive Beard and Mustache collection. Or go mod with our funky, punky red, white and blue fun wig.

When it comes to 4th of July costumes, has you covered!

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