Thursday, August 15, 2013

European Human Hair Wigs from - Exclusive Pricing on all European Hair & Kosher Wigs

European Human Hair wigs are beginning to be a big trend in the wig industry.  Russian and other European countries are the best source for long silky hair, that has a natural look and feel to it.  In addition, European hair requires less treatment and isnt processed with harsh chemicals and bleaches like hair from many Asian sources.  With the economy improving, and many religious traditions requiring kosher wigs, the wig industry is beginning to stock these high quality wigs when previously you would need to place a custom order and pay top dollar.

Ally by Georgie Wigs
Ally - European Human Hair Wig

Diva European Hair Wig
Diva - European Hair Wig

Doha Kosher Wig
Doha - Kosher European Hair Wig

Lara Wig by Georgie
Lara - 100% Euro Human Hair Wig

Palma Human Hair Wig by Georgie
Palma - 100% Euro Human Hair Wig

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